Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Wards

We had a meeting at the Ward's house, to get provisions for a BBQ summer. We were also collecting for this year's Christmas Hamper Raffle. Here are some of the featured preserves (my camera ran out of batteries half way through this process).

Simon's O Mi Corazon Salsa Picante. Yum. Kate's Garlic and Chili Sauce. Double Yum.

Mr Ward made Rose Onion Relish, and Mrs Ward, a Classic Tomato Chutney.
Hoops made a spicy Szechuan Sauce and I made a fruity Mango BBQ Sauce.

Drew brought his famous Pickled Onions, Estelle made an amazing Strawberry Vinegar, which Sailor wanted to drink, and Birdy made Rhubarb Cordial, which I wanted to drink, with Gin and lime and mint.

Flieschmann made a delicious California Chutney, Don made a Green Tomato Relish with Loquat and Annie bought us a zesty Redesdale Apple Chutney.

There was a rich Marmalade from Brooke and an Apple Pear and Ginger Conserve from Estelle.

Mrs Ward supplied charming sailboat skewers and woody coasters too. The children are boosting our numbers with Leroy (welcome!) Iggy, Clancy, Sadie, Scout, Sailor and Samaya.
I'll soon be posting hamper details, featuring the above bounty and more. Chutney Club love!

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