Friday, December 23, 2011


We just bought a Donkey via Oxfam. For women in Mozambique, owning a donkey can greatly improve their quality of life. The Cupo and Tlavane communities, in remote, dry and poor areas, are still affected by the destruction of the civil war that ended in 1992. Women have the difficult task of collecting water and transporting goods from farm to market. So by using donkeys to carry these loads, women can save time and energy, improve their productivity, and improve their income. This also gives women more chance to be involved in community decision-making processes, and contributes to improving women’s equality.

A good enough excuse methinks to share this google image search love. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Spreading the love

I have just updated our Kiva loans with all the funds raised by ticket sales online. I love looking at the map view of where the loans have been dispersed across the map, 35 loans now.

Also, we get a small mention in the age via Pen alongside Feral Fruit Trees.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We have a winner! No, three! Gaye, Ulanda and Tim. Congratlations!

Friday, December 16, 2011


We have amazing new Penelope Durston black denim Chutney Club totes to carry all the hamper goodies. With a logo designed by Thought and Deed you'll be toting your picnic to the park in style. It's sure to be both the envy and the confusion of your friends. Chutney Club? What?

There is a spare one too, which I think may become the ticket seller prize if chutney club members need a reason to sell more tickets. I am thinking of holding the draw on wednesday night next week, so only a few more days to buy tickets.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Tickets available online!

chutney club 2011

As promised, tickets are now available online HERE. Massive thanks to Thought and Deed for designing the poster and a new logo to print on the bags. Also thanks to Trotski and Ash who have donated a beautiful calender to the winning hamper. I have had a sneak peek at the recipes, and with those amazing photos, I suspect they will be making you hungry and inspired all year.

Remember, all proceeds go to charity and all goods are donated by the chutney club and friends. I wrote a little about our experience with Kiva here.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Chutney Club Christmas Hamper 2011

Looking good! Tickets are available from a Chutney Club member you may know, or online here soon. Featuring all homemade preserves with a variety of other hamper goodness yet to be thrown in. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5. Three hamper prizes, so the odds are pretty good.

Chutney Club Hamper 2011

All proceeds go towards projects supported by Kiva and Oxfam. The raffle will be drawn at a gathering on December 20th. We will endeavor to deliver prizes within Melbourne before Christmas to help with festivities.

It features homemade preserves from the Chutney Club:
Szechuan Tomato Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Baltic Sea Relish, Piccalilli, Chili and Ginger Green Sauce, Kumquat Marmalade, Rhubarb Cordial, Fruit Mince Pies, Green Tomato Relish, Preserved Lemons, Plum Jam with Raspberry and Vanilla & More!