Wednesday, December 14, 2005

buying a goat

we are we are. for a hungry family. we might try to buy a few of them.

with funds raised from our annual chutney club christmas hamper raffle. tickets are on sale now. the draw is on the 24th of december at newtown social club 181 brunswick street 2 pm.

buy a ticket (there; or from your friendly club member) before then and you'll be in with a chance to win one of two hampers of chutney club booty... which means chrismas will be joyous and tasty.

some featured items are

drews jalapeno sauce
brookes mango & strawberry love jam
dell's peppercorn jelly
kates rhubarb & ginger jam
dons big apple chutney
estelles nectarine chutney
cate peachy-keen christmas chutney
annies date & apple chutney

also some other tasty goods...

funds rasied will also go towards our club social; which even sausage club will be invited too... cake club too. a taste sensation.

chutney club christmas hamper

Thursday, December 01, 2005

chutney club christmas hamper

chutney club christmas hamper. we will meet on the day of sun. at the park with many jars. we will disperse them. rachael (yes she who was long lost to darwin and china) will return bearing secrets and annie shall return with our newest member for introductions and adoration and such. go forth and preserve.

and if someone tries to sell you a ticket in the chutney club christmas hamper BUY HEAPS!

you might win. and that would be grand. winners are grinners.