Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Ho. Ha Ha.

This is pretty hilarious, but Santa came to the Christmas Party. As pictured in the club portrait. With notable absences, Brooke, Don and Rachael.

The kids were pretty excited. Santa seemed a little dazed and unsure of how to wield these special Santa suit powers. Clancy was pretty happy to wave from a distance. And he got close enough to offer Santa a present. Very sweet to watch.

It was breakfast, so we had scones and muffins and fruit salad and french toast and bacon and I made a wooden heart Christmas cake, which is almost invisible on the Fleischmann's table.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Money Lenders

I have just topped up our Kiva account with funds raised from our raffle on Sunday. You can see the details of our loans here. Thank you to everybody who bought tickets and everyone who contributed! We have more money to spend on Oxfam unwrapped gifts, and I will be doing that over the next few weeks. Merry Christmas from Chutney Club and I hope you have a safe and happy New Year.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have a winner!

Actually, we have three! Congratulations to Jen, Hannah and Buster.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Our lovely friends Trotski & Ash have just posted a delicious crumpet recipe, which would be one perfect way to sop up some jam or quince jelly. And like everything on the blog, it just looks sooooo good!

They also have a lovely looking calender out, a perfect Christmas gift.

Last Chance

These are some of the preserves we have stockpiled for the hampers. They will be divided up and stashed in these handsome hessian totes from the very talented and clever miss Penelope Durston. There are three, yes three prizes!

Tickets are still available up until saturday night, so only a few more chances to win, what are you waiting for? Each of the hampers will also contain a copy of the CWA Tasmania Cookery book, and various other bits and pieces too.

All proceeds go to Kiva and Oxfam. I will update with photos from the draw after it happens on Sunday. Good Luck!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Thanks Jen at Three Thousand and Lucy at The Design Files. Only one more week to snap up tickets!

"The Inter-Suburb Chutney Club was founded in 2005 by local artists/craftists Dell Stewart and Drew Martin. Outsiders have speculated that club members might be bloggers, food enthusiasts or associates of The Black Rebel Activities Club. Certainly, they delight in irregular meetings in parks, backyards and on rooftops, and swap sauces and preserves with one other. At Christmas time, they pile a selection of their homemade delights from the year past into big baskets and raffle it off. Last year, they raised more than $500, which went towards Kiva loans. This year there are three hampers to win, all brimming with enough stuff to give even Matt Preston's pantry a condiment problem."

By Jennifer A. Walsh

One note, I can't remember the exact date for our first meeting, though I'm pretty sure it's at least 2003, maybe even 2002. I will try to find the initial invitation on my backup discs. Sometime.