Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Hamper

It's happening again. Go to your friendly chutney club member for your chance to win one of two prizes. Tickets are $2 each or three for $5. Here is a sampler of some of the goods.

Each Hamper will also include some crackers and other tasty goods to round out your chutney club experience. As well as giving you the chance to win some of this loot, proceeds will allow us to contribute gifts to Oxfam.

Working in 26 countries, Oxfam Australia is providing people with the skills and resources needed to develop their own solutions to poverty. Simple things like seeds, clean water systems, and skills training can mean the difference between desperate poverty and hope for the future.

With the proceeds from the last fundraiser we bought goats, chickens, piglets and a veggie patch for families in need. Perhaps this year we can provide some chutney related gifts of fruit trees, some breakfast and also some eggs.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of year BBQ on December 15th. We will endeavor to deliver prizes before Christmas to help with festivities. Get in touch if you want a ticket!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'I think it's so great that you are in some kind of cheese platter group.'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spring Chutney Club

Some people went to great efforts. Raised the bar. Like Estelle, who roasted lamb, and brought it still warm, in time to try with her mint sauce. And Lydia who made corn fritters to try with her delicious Barbie sauce. I also have fond memories of Zoe's Red Pepper relish and Donald's Loquat and Mango chutney, but I came away with some runny jam and an I owe you note for some other runny jam. Sometimes the chutney lords don't smile on you.

hoops aligator sauce
barbie sauce
estee and liza shine
chutney club
the spread

It was a lovely picnic though, and Rachael and I made a Rocket cake for Sailor's fourth birthday. Clancy and the twins slayed us with cuteness and well, it's just a good bunch, even the ones with the runny jam.