Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spring Chutney Club

Some people went to great efforts. Raised the bar. Like Estelle, who roasted lamb, and brought it still warm, in time to try with her mint sauce. And Lydia who made corn fritters to try with her delicious Barbie sauce. I also have fond memories of Zoe's Red Pepper relish and Donald's Loquat and Mango chutney, but I came away with some runny jam and an I owe you note for some other runny jam. Sometimes the chutney lords don't smile on you.

hoops aligator sauce
barbie sauce
estee and liza shine
chutney club
the spread

It was a lovely picnic though, and Rachael and I made a Rocket cake for Sailor's fourth birthday. Clancy and the twins slayed us with cuteness and well, it's just a good bunch, even the ones with the runny jam.

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