Monday, May 03, 2010

Pickled Eggs!

Ominous, and also kind of interesting. Drew hosted our autumn harvest chutney club so he could make people eat his pickled eggs; as Kate understandably refuses.

It was a good one. There were takeaway eggs, feijoa chutney, jelly and quince and feijoa two tone jelly, tomato chutney, piccalilli, plum jam, crabapple, rosehip and pomegranite jelly and quince paste. Innovations in packaging from Rachael, Annie and Lydia. Poached figs with cream. Feijoa jelly with marscapone. If only I were hungrier at the time.


Anonymous said...

yay for pickled eggs .... i am now in complete compliance with eating whole pickled eggs straight up ......... the strong are strong.....

Elise / broom people said...


I feel like a total creep, but I think your chutney club is a brilliant idea and I was wondering if you'd mind if I started a Canberra chapter? It just seems like the right thing to do, to ask.